Cosplay Feature: Jingle Belle

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As a fan of Top Cow comics I tend to check out anything they publish. After hearing repeatedly about the Paul Dini books based off his Dinicartoon line, I decided to pick up Jingle Belle. My good friend Becky had already expressed interest in cosplaying as the main character, and once I read it I was psyched to find out that Jingle had a best friend who happened to be brunette!
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Cosplay Feature: Super Mario Sisters

[Update: 2/12] I’ve added new photos shot by Stokes Foto for the 2012 Cosplay for a Cause calendar. 

I originally made this costume in 2009, and decided to modify it for my appearance in the 2012 Cosplay for a Cause calendar. It didn’t take long to fix up – I took it in quite a bit (I’d lost 30 pounds since I last wore it), made it a tad shorter, added some lace, found a much higher quality hat, and swapped out the boring flats for some knee socks and heels!

The first part of the shoot was at a local arcade that housed a Mario Bros machine. It was too perfect to pass up. After finishing up that set, photographer Josh Stokes and I went to the basement of his studio for a different, literal approach to portraying gaming’s favorite plumber. We ended up using a shot from this location in the calendar. Enjoy the shots!
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Cosplay Feature: Soulfire

Grace has been a costume that I have been planning for over two years now. She is by far one of the most meaningful comic characters in existence to me. I knew that I would not make the costume until I had the resources to make it perfect. It is still not quite there, but I am pretty happy with it. I plan on redoing the wings so they look more natural, and I also have some execution things I need to straighten out. All I know is that after being Grace once, I need to make another one of her costumes. Who knows, maybe when I get in a bit better shape around the midsection I will do the bikini version of her costume.

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Cosplay Feature: Mamimi Samejima

My friend Ashley I decided to do anime costumes for the 2008 Anime Detour. I usually make comic book or video game related costumes, so I was really excited to step out of my shell and try something different. FLCL was the first anime I ever watched, and Ashley really wanted to dress as Haruko so it seemed perfect for me to go as Mamimi.

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