Cosplay Feature: Jingle Belle

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As a fan of Top Cow comics I tend to check out anything they publish. After hearing repeatedly about the Paul Dini books based off his Dinicartoon line, I decided to pick up Jingle Belle. My good friend Becky had already expressed interest in cosplaying as the main character, and once I read it I was psyched to find out that Jingle had a best friend who happened to be brunette!

jingle-belle_horn__scaled_800While Jingle embodied the Christmas spirit, Polly (my character)┬ácelebrated Halloween year round. Fortunately, Polly’s costume was easy enough to put together. The first step was buying a white skirt and dying it orange – as naturally orange skirts are hard to come by. I already had the boots from my Zatanna costume, and borrowed a striped top from a friend. The hat came from Party City, as did the glasses. Add some tacky gold earrings and I was done!franktoys
Obviously Becky had it a bit tougher. Finding the overalls and dying them the right color was the hardest part. Still, she pulled off the costume perfectly – down to the piercings in her fake elf ears.

We had a limited amount of time to shoot the costumes because while I live in Minnesota, Becky lives in California. I decided to leave a few days early for a work trip so that we could catch up and finally have a chance to cosplay together.

The pictures were taken by our friend from Blanklogo Photography, and all in all I am very happy with the results… even though we got kicked out of the mall for taking them. Oh-well!


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