Cosplay Feature: Danger Girl

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A conversation about throwing together a Danger Girl group came up the last day of the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention. We had just finished four grueling days of walking the show floor in uncomfortable costumes an punishing shoes – and we couldn’t wait to do it all again next year.


Becky and I brainstormed the idea. As fans of J. Scott Campbell’s beautifully illustrated series, we were both excited to take on a character. Becky was perfect for Abbey Chase, and I had the right look for Sydney Savage. We recruited our friend Raychul to portray knife-wielding Natalia Kassle, and our friend Traycee to take on Danger-Girl-in-training Silicon Valerie.

Wanting to add more blood to the group, our friend Heather made a costume for JC, who was a lead character in the Danger Girl video game (which is virtually unplayable by the way). Last, looking for a character for our friend Jinxie togirls take on, we picked up Mei Yaoh from the Kamikaze miniseries.

My costume was easy to put together – although a bit expensive. I bought the catsuit from eBay. FYI, Catsuits are terrifying to try on the first time. It didn’t fit right and was tight in all the wrong places. However, after wearing it around a bit, it hugged my body better. Still, a corset was needed to get the appropriate curves to pull off Savage. Girls need a little help right?

The whip came from eBay as well, and the boots were from my Zatanna costume. Add a little black belt, bedroom hair and some sixties makeup and I was done! This was the one time that my costume was much simpler than everyone else. And I was glad!

dangergirlkamikaze01gWe each took some photos with our friend and photographer Mike from Blanklogo before heading to the convention. Once again, he did an amazing job. I must add that the photos look even better due to fantastic makeup work by Hydred. We even had fake moles exactly where our characters did! Sadly, we were running super behind schedule, so I was the only one not to get solo pics done. Still, the group shots more than make up for it!

I think we were quite memorable at the show, and everyone seemed to recognize who we were. We also stopped by and visited Campbell, who seemed to appreciate our work.

So there it is, a simple costume but an awesome experience! Enjoy the photos!

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7 thoughts on “Cosplay Feature: Danger Girl

  1. Hi! Random link led me here. Awesome work on the costumes and the group pics! And a great big “Wow” to Traycee :-) Super.

  2. i have to say Meagan, you really are the perfect woman. Your very beautiful, and your not all girly girly. its not everyday u see a woman as pretty as you in to comics and video games and all that good stuff. if i could find a woman like you, i would be the happiest man on earth. just keep doing what your doing. :)

  3. Hey Meagan

    Saw your article on Kotaku Australia and just wanted to say that I have the utmost respect for you! I’ve seen some of the crap that gets flung at female cosplayers in particular and it just blows my mind that you still have the guts to go out there and do what you do. Keep up the awesome work!

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