Cosplay Feature: Black Canary

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I’ve wanted to whip together a Black Canary costume for some time, mostly fueled by my enjoyment of the admittedly horrible Birds of Prey TV show and the few  (quality) trades I’ve picked up over the years. It was also a practical costume to add to my collection considering the amount of DC cosplay groups I’m asked to join every year.

The costume itself was really easy. I already had the black combat boots for various other ensembles, and fishnets for my Zatanna costume. I also already had a blond wig thanks to my Chobits cosplay a few years back, and the gloves came from Target. That only left the body suit and the gold buckles. The buckles came from JoAnn Fabrics – cut up from a long gold strip used for belts and whatnot, and were attached to my boots and gloves with fabric tape. I had several options in my wardrobe already for the leotard, but as I wanted to go with the more modern look with boy-shorts and gold zipper, I decided to commission it from friend Christa Browning to ensure it was just right. With that the costume was done!

Friend and photographer Chanh Tang snapped the below shots at our annual FallCon comic convention – quick captures to document the costume. I plan on shooting a second version of Black Canary’s costume (high heeled boots, leather jacket, and no buckles) at a later date with a fellow  cosplaying  friend joining me as Green Arrow. I’m excited to knock those photos out as the shoot will be significantly more elaborate 😉

For now, enjoy the gallery below!

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6 thoughts on “Cosplay Feature: Black Canary

  1. Awww, yay! I’m so happy to be a part of this, if only a little bit. You look great Meg! Also, I’m pretty sure you and Chanh make one of the best cosplayer/photographer teams ever! Do love!

  2. You look absolutely amazing as Dinah, and I have to say, I am a bit of a purist!

    Best wishes,


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