Cosplay Feature: Adam Hughes’ Catwoman

While this began as a closet cosplay – meaning I already had the majority of the components in my current wardrobe – this costume has taken a life of its own.


Adam Hughes' Catwoman

I have always loved Adam Hughes’ work, especially his unforgettable Catwoman #51 cover. I made the decision to try and recreate the cover because I already had the catsuit and whip for my Sydney Savage (DangerGirl) costume. In this particular image, Selena Kyle isn’t wearing her cowl or goggles, another reason I chose to recreate this particular image. I had a hard time tracking down those two items so I decided to skip past them altogether. I had a black wig that worked well enough for the look, and glued some black nails to the outside of black gloves to imitate claws. Lastly I picked up a giant fake diamond ring (indented for bachelorette parties) as a prop to play around with.


Adam Hughes' Catwoman

This was the first time I got to work together with my now favorite photographer Scott Miron, and he was equally stoked to work on the project. He created the background himself, and I made the prison board out of a spray painted clipboard, 3D letters and contact paper made to look like metal.

We had a fantastic makeup artist named Sarah Lynn Morrison, who got the look perfect – including the placement of the fake tears. We sprayed some water in my hair to make it look like I had just been dragged off the street and we were set to go!


Adam Hughes' Catwoman

We started with a few shots to warm up. Beginning with a red background we played with the whip and I tried to channel my inner feline. When it was time to get “the shot” we pinned up the background and positioned it so that I would be the exact same height as in the image. It took a good half hour or so to get the perfect shot, checking and rechecking the camera to see what minor adjustments we needed to make. The hardest part for me was not wiping my face, as the fake tears tickled like hell while running down my face. Eventually we nailed the shot and moved on to something a bit more fun.

We ended the shoot by trying out our own variants of the cover. One of them I mocked the camera by holding up broken cuffs. Another I used my whip to grab the hand of my captor in an attempt to escape. One of the best is me growling at the camera, which turned out cool but super creepy at the same time.


Adam Hughes' Catwoman

Scott added his own initials to the image in an Adam Hughes fashion, and it was finished! Hands down, this remains my favorite cosplay image to this day. The reaction to it was overwhelming. It was selected as a Model Mayhem image of the day, has received over 400 comments on the photographer’s portfolio, and even attracted the attention of Adam Hughes himself.

When Adam Hughes created a MySpace page, several friends of mine brought it to my attention. I messaged him right away to try and show him the photo. His response blew me away. Evidently more than one person had already sent the image to him, and he congratulated me on doing a good job. I met up with him at SDCC in 2008, and got him to sign a print. That was a fantastic moment and it now hangs in my office.

Anyway, less talk and more photos! Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Cosplay Feature: Adam Hughes’ Catwoman

  1. omg – your cosplays are freaking amazing!!! just found your blog by randomly bouncing around the web… fantastic stuff!!!! please keep it up!
    – g

  2. Hey there!

    Most of them are a wet-look Lycra. If you are looking for a similar catsuit I recommend searching “Zentai” in eBay. They are fairly inexpensive, come in a ton of colors and cuts, and are high quality. Only downside is that they come from overseas, so it can take a month or so to get what you are looking for!

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for the fast reply and 1 more question please : does the fabric stretch a lot because i want one that’s really skintight, i’m 5″7 and wear a XS/S clothing, i do have a
    hourglass figure and would like to accentuate it otherwise i’ll look like a black ruler ~ lol.

    Again LOVE your pics !


  4. No problem! As for the fabric question, yes, they stretch to conform to your body, but don’t lose their shape. The problem is that most of the Zentai suits are unisex – meaning they don’t curve inward to hug a hourglass figure. That’s why I wear a corset with mine, so that it doesn’t look like a “black ruler.” The fabric is tough enough that I think you could take it in on the sides, however. That way it would fit you like a glove!

  5. I can’t tell you how canny your cat-woman is in this’ve inspired my girlfriend and myself to devour in the world of cos-play, since we’re both video game and comic book fans.Any pointers would help but if not that’s cool too… you’re awesome.

  6. I have to say Meagan your beauty and the costumes are awsome. I am thinking of one, kinda a paranormal/steampunk/mad scientists. The idea for the costume came from a album,
    Kamakiriad any ideas?

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