Cosplay Feature: 1920s Fashion

While I always knew that my husband’s grandma collected hats, I had no idea that she had hats dating back to the 1850s. Since I have such an affinity for dressing up, I asked her to borrow some of the original hats she had from the 1920s. Since she has over 500 hats in her collection, she gave me seven to keep after I shot them. It took lots of research and preparation to do this shoot!


And it didn’t hurt that I had a fantastic team. For makeup I recruited Oskar Ly, who knew how to use just enough makeup to channel the period in time, without itlooking overdone. Crista Lash was on hair, and I must say that she can pin-curl like a pro. And on camera we had Heidi of Black Op Studios, who also shot my Mario costume a few months later.

I had a ton of work to do before I got to the studio. Each hat was so beautiful and unique that I styled my outfits around them.

The red hat was simple enough to match to a red jacket I already owned. Adding black gloves, red lipstick and a cigarette (I don’t smoke in reality) helped finish off the look. I have had more than one comment that it looks like I am channeling Carmen Sandiego!


The second hat was purple velvet lined with grey fur. This style was intended to rest atop the head. I paired this with a grey jacket and white shirt. This ended up being one of my favorite looks.

The third hat was also similar to a headband. It was pink with multicolored feathers on it. For this look I just removed the grey jacket, and we pulled down my hair before pin-curling it to my head.

54_2The forth look produced the best images in my opinion. While all the other hats are fragile because of detailing and feathers, the tan one with a giant brim was still in great shape. I plan on using it this summer with some stellar sunglasses. I found the ring in a garage sale years ago and knew I had to pick it up. Black gloves, white blazer and leopard print shirt and I was ready!

The last hat I used is hard to see from far away. It is more of a headband made out of real feathers that frame the face. For this look we were trying to really channel the 20s – pin curls and all. I shot the look with a few different outfits. One was a black and white dress with a fur stole, and the second was a flapper dress from a Halloween shop. The dress was tons of fun to shoot, although the movement was hard to capture on film.  When we did however, the shots turned out great!


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