Mortgage Broker

Generally speaking, a mortgage broker is a third party agent often acting on behalf of a client that wishes to pursue a home loan application. These financial experts are often tasked with comparing different rates of interest as proposed by varying banks, with the endgame being to source the fairest, most affordable type of repayment option for their client.

Tundra Mortgage Brokers specialise in comparing rates from different lenders, while others might opt to find the most affordable deals from a specific bank. In any event, having one working behind the scenes to look after the best interests of a borrower can be very beneficial indeed.


Retirement Accounts

Gold IRA (individual retirement account) offers an alternative retirement investment to traditional and Roth IRA. A person who already has an existing IRA (whether traditional, 401k or Roth) can change it into a gold backed IRA through the rolling over process. Individual retirement accounts, IRAs, provide significant security, for the future, than ordinary savings accounts because the government waivers taxes/ fees on the IRA investment; allowing growth of the retirement investment without its taxation. IRAs vary and a person opens and runs only what works for him/ her; 401k (employer based), self contributory, etc. An existing IRA can fall under either traditional or Roth IRA. A with traditional IRA taxes investment during withdrawal while a Roth IRA taxes investment during deposit.


Equipment Finance for Business

Are you on the lookout for a device that can boost your business, but do not have the necessary funds to pay for it? You can lease the device if you require it for a short period. In such a case, the institute providing the lease owns the equipment, while you pay a monthly rent for using it. You can also opt for the hire purchase arrangement, where you pay monthly hire for a pre determined period at the end of which, you pay the final amount required to purchase the equipment. Both these options are costlier when compared with equipment finance, where you pay interest free cash on a monthly basis until you square off the price of the equipment. Speak to Equipment Loans Online to see what options are available for your business.