Deadpool: The Munny With The Mouth

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I made this little guy months ago and am just now getting around to posting about him. Sometimes that happens.

There isn’t too much to detail about making Deadpool, as he is fairly straightforward from a construction standpoint. I sculpted his tool belt and mask from Sculpey, baking it in the oven and sanding it smooth when dry.

From there I primed the Munny and used spray paint to color the bulk of the figure, taping off sections to get clean lines. The eyes and other small details were done by hand.

The various weapons are ones that I’ve accrued from random action figures over the years, and fortuitously decided to keep around. The guns and grapple are unaltered, but the twin swords were modified from different designs to appear as a matching pair.

Simple enough, right? I’m really happy with how Deadpool turned out, and I think his new owner is as well!

Enjoy the photos!

You can check out some of my other custom work below!

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