Custom Munny: Soulcalibur IV’s Ashlotte


Hey all! I wanted to update with a quick blog to share my newest custom Munny project, Soulcalibur IV’s Ashlotte. I made it as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, and it was quite a challenge. That being said, I learned a lot and piecing it together was a very rewarding experience!

Using my go-to material – Wonderflex – I started with Ashlotte’s hair. Cutting and shaping the hair was easy enough, and I molded the spiral curls around a pencil help maintain a nice form. I did the same with the chest piece and the layered skirt/armor, piecing it together out of tapered Wonderflex layers.

I used Super Sculpey to augment Ashlotte’s chest, not so much because hers is large (it’s quite small for a female SC character) but because her chest piece is formed nicely around it.

Little strips of Wonderflex were used for the claws and gauntlets, too. When finished with the Wonderflex bits the entire piece was primed with several layers of spray gesso to achieve a uniform texture. I sanded anything that needed touching up once done.

Once primed, I painted the pieces of armor a dark grey color, and lined the inside of the skirt with pink satin fabric. It’s hard to see, but a detail I wanted to include.

I picked up some black lace to use for Ashlotte’s leggings, and white lace for her skirt and headband.

Moving onto the final details, I painted Ashlotte’s hair purple and attached the custom headband and bows that I constructed. Final details on the headpiece included some wire accents and a custom barrette made out of beads that I painted black.

After attaching the skirt, armor, and accents, I polished off the outfit with a wire cage,  and attached it behind the hair to obscure the joints as best as possible. The gold heart in the middle of Ashlotte’s chest was the final accent, which is made out of small watch parts and other ornamentation.

Last was the lance, made out of Wonderflex and wooden dowel with some gems and beads and whatnot.

Hope you like the final piece!

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2 thoughts on “Custom Munny: Soulcalibur IV’s Ashlotte

  1. That’s cool! I’ve just recently gotten into munny customizing, and I’ve posted some of mine on my blog. You have a great idea using such different mediums! It’s also very cool that you make them after such awesome videogame characters!

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