Cosplay Feature: Excella Gionne

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I said I wasn’t going to shoot this costume after it’s debut out on the town at the annual Zombie Pub Crawl. I lied.

I still consider Excella a “closest cosplay”  because I ended up spending about ten hours and less than $50 on the ensemble – meaning it isn’t on par with my other work in any capacity. Knowing that it would take some damage at the crawl from roaming zombies, I didn’t spend too much time on it. Still, it was a fun costume to make and a drastically different look to try and pull off.

I picked up all the satin fabric I needed for $20 and constructed the dress is less than four hours without  a pattern. I already owned the belt and shoes and simply sprayed them gold to match the gold ring, earrings, and bracelet I bought.  The necklace was a last-minute purchase. I was planning on making my own from scratch as Excella’s is very unique, but when I found this one in the clearance rack I decided it wasn’t worth the effort of making one. The final touch was a fake syringe that I found for a sexy nurse costume, which was actually a pen. I removed the insides and added a bit of wire to look like the needle. It turned out pretty convincing.

The hair and makeup sold the costume, and were easy enough to do. Oh, and lots of dress tape was required…obviously.

Friend and photographer Chanh Tang shot the photos in a stairwell outside my work, and I had some fun playing with the colors and adding noise to the final photos to make them feel at place within the Resident Evil 5 world.

This was definitely one of my easier costuming projects, but a fun addition to the roster nonetheless!

Enjoy the photos!

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7 thoughts on “Cosplay Feature: Excella Gionne

  1. Thank you! It’s amazing what you pick up over the years. I’ve finally learned to do makeup for photos and film with some degree of success 😉

  2. The costume looks great, don’t get me wrong, but what really sells it to me is how similar you actually look to the character. If I didn’t know any better, I would believe it if you told me that Excella was based on you!

    Great work!

  3. Wow… That’s uncanny how you and the character look so much alike… Not in the sense of the outfit but the face… stellar! Great outfit as well. Go straight from cosplay party to formal outing. lol

  4. Unfortunate – her character Excella in the end game
    Game producer failed & Bad. I did not like the end of Game Resident Evil 5
    You princess.

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